What fashion trends are coming back in 2020?

Fashion, as they say, comes and goes. Trends are constantly trying out different directions and prints, patterns and styles always change. A the new year knocked on our doors and entered our lives new fashion trends have come back as well.. Bellow is a list of the most important fashion trends for you to follow in 2020!

Big Bag Theory

The big bag trend is back. Over-sized totes, backpacks, large pouches and super clutches will be leading the way when it comes to women’s accessories. What’s more,they are super practical and comfortable since you can carry anything you want with you and not just your keys and your wallet(sorry micro bags!)

Bright is the warmest colour

Say bye to your black jeans and your grey t-shirts! 2020 is the year of bright colours: red,yellow,orange,blue and whatever other bright colour you may think off. Sometimes, a plain black dress simply won’t do. Don’t hesitate to stand out from the crowd.

Keep’em short

Shorts triumphantly won a place in the fashion world of 2020. From hot denim pants to baggy shorts, every woman can find a pair that suits her. You can wear them with black tights, high-knee boots and a beautiful top of your liking. Also, blue denim remains a must.

1990’s minimalism

That’s right ladies: the 90’s are back. Fashion is looking back to my favorite decade,which means it’s all about minimalism and simplicity. White t-shirts, casual dresses, sweaters and knee high boots should be inside your wardrobe.

Prints and patterns from the 70’s

Double-breasted styles,corduroy clothing and flared lines are some of the trends 2020 will be borrowing from the 70’s with bell-bottom pants being a massive trend. If you are interested in how our clothing factories in Vietnam can help with your production please reach out.

Victorian Crochets

Wearing a crochet has been always a way to define a woman’s silhouette and this trend comes in many forms: crocheted shirts, dresses,cardigans and many more. It is modern with a slight touch of traditional and you can even wear it over a piece of clothing if you don’t want to show skin.

Floral me

Floral patterns are classic and feminine and you’re sure to make a statement wearing one. This year, a big trend is psychedelic floral : abstract floral patterns that’ll give your look a cool vibe.

Wake up and shine

Fashion is welcoming the new decade by bringing shimmer and shine in the form of sequins. No, new year’s eve parties aren’t the only time a lady can wear sequin. Wearing one, can give you a cool and groovy vibe So,whether it’s a tuxedo or a dress,be sure that it will definitely elevate your style!

Feather nights

1920’s anyone? You don’t have to be the protagonist of a 20’s movie in order to try on feather. This year, when it comes to evening wear, fashion urges you to wear feather and give a bit of edge to your look. Feather coats lead the way.

And remember: life is too small to be wearing boring clothes. Don’t hesitate to try some of the above trends and you never know-it might just be your thing.

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