Interior Design Trends For 2020

Our Top Two Picks

Neutral colors will be in once again this upcoming year.  Neutral colors are whites with cool or warm undertones. We’re primarily looking at shades of gray and beige. Our prediction for 2020 sees warm neutrals making their way in, while cool neutrals fade into the background. Don’t underestimate the power of a neutral decor.

Geometric patterns have been on an upward trend for years now, so much so that you can find geometric patterned anything, anywhere. The only problem with geometric patterns being so popular is that it’s on everything–cups, notebooks, wallpaper, couches, bedding, art, floors, light fixtures, and other decor. It’s so easy to overdo it, but don’t expect geometric designs to be going away anytime soon. You can still make a statement with bold and vibrant geometric patterns. Stick with more classic or contemporary patterns with chairs and throws. Pick an area of your home where you want the geometric pattern to make a bold statement. It’s all about being strategic so to not have too busy of a pattern.

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