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First, we need to do a phone call to get an idea of what the item specifications are, how many you are looking for, and a target price. We will discuss production here in Vietnam and talk about previous manufacturing you have done in China or elsewhere. Once we move forward we help you with factory selection, merchandising and manufacturing. Lastly we will work with you and our partner logistics company to ship your product via air or boat. 

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We have a comprehensive manufacturing and supply chain solution that allows you to focus on other key business objectives.  We identify offshore factories, work with them to design your product, negotiate prices and production schedules, manage production, conduct quality control inspections and arrange all shipping logistics. Fill out the form above and speak with us today.


It’s likely that you just’ve spotted a gap available in the market, or have a completely unique design in mind for a particular purchaser group. Clothing manufacturers in Vietnam have successfully cornered the textile and apparel market when it involves high-volume construction. Cotton crops and fiber production inflicts a good deal of damage on the environment. Textile Manufacturer In Vietnam When manufacturing as an self reliant contractor, you will wish to hire a creation coordinator as an alternative of an in-house clothier. Oversea clothing brands can come with manufacturers from China, India, Taiwan and a host other Asian countries where most of the people of manufacturers are from. Cut And Sew Manufacturer Vietnam Later in the construction phase, your final sample will want to be checked before you commit to your final run.

The great also tends to be higher. Even if you simply have a design idea for one product in these early days, start getting it on paper or screen, as a sketch. Set up your factory space with business sewing machines, serger machines, cutting tables and urgent machines. That means that minimum number of items you wish to purchase in one order. We are a competent spouse on your textile tasks!Some informationa about clothing production:You might be the landlord of a women outfits, or baby clothes production company or just starting to a new industrial. When developing your ideas for your new style brand, you’ll have an initial concept image which will provide the premise to your clothing line. From there, you’ll want to get began on pattern making and grading, ahead of sourcing your company.

Go back to your design work and get everything in combination. It’s time to take your product to the brands. This is the point where you’ll be sourcing the person (or team) that’s going to take your designs and cause them to a reality. Of course, if you’re intending to make everything your self for now, or along with your own hand-picked team, which you could skip this step! This also applies if you’re simply searching to buy ready-made products wholesale, and sell them on. To start your search for the proper manufacturer, ask around among any contacts you’ve got and get a feel for your priorities. Is it an artisan, craftsmanship you’re searching to source or a advertisement company with an emphasis on speed and dependability? The production is a vital part of any clothing company, irrespective of the scale, so spend time discovering, communicating to and vetting a good list of potentials. Once you’ve determined, it’s time to have a sample made.

Get your selected brand to run a small batch of your designs and maybe test them towards those from another brand. Factor in time to talk about adjustments and enhancements, before you pull the trigger on a full product run. Along along with your own aims and reasons for beginning a apparel agency, consider your competencies purchaser. Working closely together with your apparel manufacturer will give you the chance to negotiate turnaround times and agree with the factors they might stumble upon when generating your apparel. We guarantee to deliver high quality and workmanship of your custom women apparel, even if you are a newer or a well established agency. The normal design may look good on a petite size but not on a medium frame.

All these want to be adjusted before the various lines are authorised. With the designs for the different sizes comprehensive and all of the material and accessories in place, the fabric is cut. Modern technology has altered the manner fabric is cut. Today, dissimilar layers of cloth are placed in special cutters that use either large blades or lasers. All the cutters are controlled by computer systems that computer screen every stage of the procedure. Once the fabric is cut, they are sent to manual stations that take the alternative pieces of material and sew them together. This a part of the procedure is still in large part driven by human labor. The seamstresses who work the station are usually told what they want to do in a very methodical manner that permits just a few seconds to finished a distinctive portion of the garment. The manner uses an meeting-line format. Once stitched, the garments go thought the completing stages where they are taken to another bank of seamstresses to connect plenty of accessories that are called for by the design, akin to buttons, hooks, belts, and so forth.

Today, distinctive layers of material are placed in special cutters that use either large blades or lasers. All the cutters are controlled by computers that video display every stage of the procedure. Once the cloth is cut, they are sent to manual stations that take the alternative pieces of fabric and sew them together. This part of the manner is still in large part driven by human labor. The seamstresses who work the station are frequently told what they want to do in a very methodical method that enables just a few seconds to finished a particular component to the garment. The procedure uses an assembly-line format. Once stitched, the clothing go idea the finishing stages where they are taken to another bank of seamstresses to connect plenty of accessories that are called for by the design, equivalent to buttons, hooks, belts, and so forth. Once this is comprehensive, the finished clothing are sent to an inspection line.

Here inspectors check the great of the workmanship and the overall product. The more expensive the logo label that goes on the garment, the more stringent the inspection. Clothes that are destined for the discount rack are sampled and not checked personally for defects or exceptional. Vietnam Manufacturing Clothing Sale For instance, brands focusing on woven tops will have more sewing machines accessible than serger machines, that are intently related to knits corresponding to T-shirts. Develop a manufacturing facility sample presentation to your customers and draft a pricing structure. Make sure your samples have particular sewing aspects that your manufacturing facility can offer. Customers will ask for amount discount pricing during your sample presentation and negotiation.

They will look for garment detail work that resembles their collection in make and style. Know the length of time it takes in your sewers to comprehensive each garment. This will impact your start time table. For instance, in case your sewer takes three hours to complete a garment, this can be the indicator as to how much it’ll cost you to produce and how many sewers you’re going to want to fill a specific quantity order. Design your inner most label collection. This term is used when relating to in-house collections being produced within a corporate. Develop your assortment and stitch first prototype samples for prospective buyers. such as Belt Buckles Manufacturer In Vietnam

The pieces of equipment in the production line determines the minimal amount that agency can manufacture outfits at most cost-effective price. We could make agreement deepest label clothes manufacturing for the abroad businesses in Europe, england UK, Spain, France,USA,Germany,Romania, Scotland , Australia, Georgia,Jordan Greece, Albania, Bahamas, Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Antigua, Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Canada Austria, Azerbaijan, Barbados, Botswana, Czech Republic, Cyprus,,Ethiopia, Georgia Great Britain, Hungary,Greece FrancEstonia Eritrea Honduras Equatorial Guinea Ghana Grenada Germany England Haiti Iceland India Kosovo Libya Lithuania Kazakhstan Jordan Israel Lesotho Kiribati,Kyrgyzstan North Iraq Latvia Liberia Iran Jamaica Italy Ireland Indonesia Laos Malta The Netherlands Brunei, Darussalam, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Cambodia, Afghanistan ,China, Colombia, Denmark, Dominica,Burkina, Faso Burma, Benin, Cuba Costa Rica, Comoros, Burundi, Bhutan, Belgium, Bangladesh, Belize, Belarus,Bahrain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bolivia, Yemen Zambia Venezuela Zaire Zimbabwe. Micronesia Monaco Mongolia Morocco Nigeria Namibia Spain Turkmenistan Tunisia to the in every single place the realm. Canada. Understanding the timing of the apparel manufacturing approaches We provide a average guideline for a creation of 3 months; after the final touch of the patterns and samples which in itself can take 2 weeks to 2 months, but here is not set in stone.

If we are able to finish the creation sooner; we will, but once in a while it can take longer depending on a few elements. There are many moving parts that each one need to be lined up to make every thing flow which vary based on your production but come with sourcing fabric, making monitors, electronic strike offs, printing, batik, sublimation, leather work, hardware, woven tags, swing tags, mass production, delivery, QC, etc. The first productions will take a little longer in most cases than the latter.

Quality products come at a cost; the base line is important to every person involved at both ends. Work together with your manufacturer to barter low creation costs. Keeping these low will allow your brand to expand and grow faster by manufacturing more. Using the latest generation we can print your photo, design, or logo onto range of clothing; Tee Shirts, Polo Shirts, Corporate uniforms, Hard dressed in work wear adding shirts, shorts and pants, High visibility and reflective criteria accredited apparel, in addition to hats, caps, beanies, towels, bags, badges, golf head covers and plus much more.

Some items we can help manufacture:

casual wear
crew necks
yoga attire