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Plastic Packaging

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Packaging is a crucial factor in how well a good is shipped, stored and presented at the retail point and therefore package materials need to fulfill many different characteristics to be the right choice for a manufacturer.

Making the right choice can help all aspects of the production and sale processes to run smoother and allows to gain some advantage over other market players.

In such a competitive market plastic packaging has all the qualities that are needed to guarantee that the good is managed in the right way, with minimal environmental impact.

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Here are the 5 top advantages of using plastic packaging for your goods:

It looks good

Plastic packaging can be made in an endless array of shapes and colours to appeal the end consumer: plastic can be extruded or molded to exact required shapes with little effort and in great quantities. Bags or boxes can be directly printed with the product logo and information and thus plastic packaging can be very eye-catching and effective way to market a product in the best possible way.

It’s lightweight and durable

A plastic bottle is around ten times lighter that a glass one, meaning, for example, that shipping goods in plastic bottles can save around 30% of shipping costs. This has also a big impact on the environment as lightweight plastic packaging allows to waste less fuel.

Moreover, a glass bottle is prone to crashing even with a moderate hit while a plastic bottle is virtually shatterproof and will protect its content much better.

Similar considerations can be made with plastic foil against paper, plastic boxes against cardboard and so on.

Plastic packaging is eco-friendly

Despite all the negative press coverage about the impact it has on the environment, plastic packaging can often be the more ecologically sustainable solution as it may be recycled with reduced costs. There are plastics, like polyethylene, that can be recycled an infinite number of times without losing their mechanical properties. Recycling a plastic package is much cheaper and requires less natural resources than recycling glass, metals or paper.

Resistance to outside environments

Plastic packaging is extremely resistant to harsh environments and can be engineered in order to maintain the contained product in the best possible way. A plastic bottle can be tinted, to avoid degradation of the content by UV light, or a box can be shaped in a way that it will take the impact energy from a bump to protect a delicate product. This kind of engineering is either much more expensive or completely not available when using other packaging materials.

Plastic packaging is inexpensive

In addition to all the environmental and mechanical advantages, plastic has also the virtue of being cheaper than glass or paper, meaning that a manufacturer can pass the savings to the end customer or operate in the market with a higher profit margin.

Coupled to the saving that it allows during shipping because of its lightweight, plastic packaging is surely the most cost-effective way to produce and move goods.

Some Items We Can Help Manufacture

biodegradable plastic bags
clear plastic bags
custom plastic bags
food packaging
greenhouse plastic
plastic pool
plastic basket
plastic bins
plastic board
plastic bottle
plastic bowls
plastic box
plastic bucket
plastic cap
plastic carton
plastic chairs
plastic clips
plastic cosmetic
plastic crates
plastic cups
plastic Dispensary
plastic drawers
plastic dresser
plastic dropper
plastic drum
plastic extrusion
plastic eye
plastic fence panels
plastic fencing
plastic flask
plastic flutes
plastic folding chairs
plastic garbage cans
plastic glass
plastic glasses
plastic hardware
plastic jars
plastic lattice
plastic lumber
plastic mailbox
plastic medical
plastic medication
plastic medicine
plastic nose
plastic ointment
plastic outdoor
plastic outdoor chairs
plastic packaging
plastic panels
plastic panels
plastic patio chairs
plastic pill
plastic plant pots
plastic plates
plastic pool
plastic pump
plastic rivets
plastic sheds
plastic sheet
plastic sheeting
plastic shoe boxes
plastic storage
plastic tables
plastic trash cans
plastic tray
plastic tube
plastic veterinary
plastic ware
plastic water
plastic nail
plastic pharmacy