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Door Manufacturing

Doors are one of the most important parts of the house. Without a door, a house never completes as it serves as purpose of privacy and protection. There are large varieties of doors available in the market made up of different materials. Here we have described the types of doors so that it will be easy to choose your favorite one.

  1. Timber or wood doors

These are traditional kinds of doors made of fine wood. Different types of wooden doors are available in the market based on their longevity and durability from high budget to low prices.

  • Framed and paneled Doors

These types of doors are commonly used in houses. The frame of these doors is made of wood, and shutter panels are made of plywood, hardboard, block boards etc.

  • Flush Doors

These doors have a timber frame in which plywood or medium-density fiberboard is fixed. These are available in the market at economical rates.

  • Glass Doors

The frame of these doors is made of timber or steel and glass panel is used with this frame. These doors are expensive and need great care. More related pages

  • Steel Doors

Steel or metal doors are used as exterior as well as interior doors and give an aesthetic look. These doors can be hollow or solid. Beautiful designs are made with frames or panels.

  • PVC Doors

PVC doors are common these days due to its durability and easy installation. PVC is a plastic material used to make water tanks and pipes. These doors are economical and light-weight.

  • Aluminum Doors

Aluminum is a metal which is largely used to make doors and windows. These doors are light-weight and termite resistant.

Door Manufacturing Process

The door manufacturing process includes the following steps.

  1. Material preparation
  2. Door leaf process
  3. Door frame process
  4. Painting Process
  5. Packaging

Material Preparation

  1. Selection of material like wood according to the demand of consumers.
  2. Import required wood and let the wood dry in a dry kiln to increase health.
  3. Sanding the wood with the help of a machine.
  4. Cutting of wood according to the size measurement and observing its quality with the latest machines.

Door Leaf Process

A leaf is any door featuring a single panel that fills a doorway. Doors designs are of various types as a single leaf door, double-leaf door, sliding door, or folding door. According to the design, the door leaf process is continued through machines. It included various operations and skills like laminating, cutting, edge bonding, and punching.

Door Frame Process

At this stage, door frames are made according to the measurements. The door framing process includes shaping, sanding, finishing, veneer matching, veneer trimming, and laminating and assembling panels and frames.

Painting Process

After the door is assembled, it is painted with waterproof paint to prevent the influence of wall humidity. Sandpaper helps in making the paint surface smoother. After painting, it requires product inspection like checking the size, quality, and color of the door.


After passing from the inspection, the doors are packed and loaded carefully to reach its destination.