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K Cups delivered world-wide by the pallet (8,900 K cups). Available in private label or with standard labels. Prices starting as low as $0.19 a pod. Best pricing on shipping when you order 10 pallets. 

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First, we need to do a phone call to get an idea of what the item specifications are, how many pods you are looking for, and a target price. We will discuss production here in Vietnam. We can have your K Cups coffee capsules shipped in just a few weeks. Lastly we will work with you and our partner logistics company to ship your product by sea for you to recieve in a few weeks. 

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General K Cup Information

Coffee is an essential part of most offices. The idea of going through a workday without a cup or three of coffee is tantamount to cruel and unusual punishment. At the same time, making a pot of coffee in the morning to start the day, only to end with a puddle of battery acid by day’s end, is less than ideal. Fortunately, single cup coffee makers are now affordable, reliable, and easy to use. Pods and kcups have become commonplace additions to offices, cubicles, and even classrooms. Thanks to them, coffee and other hot beverages are available fresh and in manageable portions to prevent drinking too much caffeine throughout the day.

What is a kcup coffee capsule? Pods and kcups are similar methods for single serve coffee, but the two do work differently and are different in construction. Pods are coffee or tea sealed in a filter. If you’ve ever made coffee in a hotel room and used the provided coffee maker, it more than likely used pods. Pods are generally designed for small servings to fill a thermos or large coffee cup. They can be single serve, but are more than likely designed to fill a small coffee pot.

Kcups, in contrast, are designed specifically to be single serve containers. Keurig uses kcups, perhaps unsurprisingly. Kcups can hold coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, allowing for a variety of beverages to get through the day. Kcups are also handy for lobbies, such as at the bank or dentist’s office. As long as water and a plastic cup are handy, a single serving of the hot beverage of the user’s choice is only a few minutes away.

Since kcups are now widely available, they come in multiple flavors and beverage types. Besides hot chocolate and tea, coffee can be brewed in regular, decaf, and, of course, there are plenty of flavor options. With the big names like Starbucks producing kcups, you shouldn’t have a problem getting your favorite coffee in a single k cup serving. Besides the standard flavors like French Roast, Dark Roast, and Light Roast, you can also get your favorite holiday flavors. Pumpkin Spice, Peppermint Mocha, and more are available to fulfill your single serving coffee desires.

The same is true for teas. Green tea, Tazo teas, and even Lipton are available in kcups for single serve tea cravings. Kcups are especially helpful for tea since it avoids the hassle of boiling water and steeping the tea. As with coffee, decaf or herbal tea options are available for fans of hot beverages who dislike caffeine. The entire process is handled by the machine, so all the user has to do is set it up, load the water, and push a button.

Kcups are easy to find, easy to use, and come in a variety of flavors and beverage types. Fans of hot beverages are likely to find whatever they need to fulfill their desires. From hot chocolate to holiday flavored coffees, kcups are fast, easy, reliable, and an excellent beverage delivery system for offices, cubicles, and lobbies across the world.

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Chances are, you might have heard about K-Cup coffee. In fact, one of the most innovative ways for you to make coffee without wasting time grinding up coffee beans and brewing it yourself. K-Cup coffees make it very easy for you to enjoy a well-balanced coffee without the labor required to make traditional coffee. If you know anything about K-Cup coffees, you would see that you need a unique capsule to make yourself a fantastic coffee. Luckily, the capsules are readily available online and at your nearest grocery stores. However, we always ask the question of what the capsules consist of? Well, we will talk about that in this article and give you a full explanation of what K-Cup coffee capsules are. Now, the K-Cup coffee capsules are a capsule fitted with coffee grounds and a filter. They are flat, the top sealed with a plastic lid.

The lid is easily passable since the K-cup machine has a piercing system to brew coffee. That being said, the K-Cup coffee capsule also comes in many other variants such as K-Cup capsule tea and even hot chocolate. This means you can mainly enjoy any coffee or warm beverage which you desire. Every single capsule that K-Cup provides you with has been weighed out and measured accordingly to produce the perfect hot drink. The reason why it has to be weighed out correctly is that K-Cup has held a reputation for providing the best coffee or hot beverage brewed out of a machine. Having the right amount of coffee or tea in the capsule is very important for the right taste. That being said, there are many pros and cons to the K-Cup coffee capsule. Let’s start with the advantages.

The first advantage of a K-Cup coffee capsule would be that it provides you with fantastic flavor coffee or any other hot beverage without slaving yourself in the kitchen. K-Cup has been known to produce excellent tasting hot drinks, without making it a difficult task. This means if you are in a hurry are you don’t want to go through the whole process of making traditional coffee. K-cup can provide you with a fantastic flavored hot beverage. One of the disadvantages of K-Cup capsules would be customization. The K-Cup capsules come with a pre-measured amount of coffee or mixture that can’t be altered with. That means you are stuck with a certain level of coffee or hot beverage. You can’t add or reduce the amount of coffee or other ingredients in the K-Cup capsule. This makes it a problem for people who like to dial down the taste of their coffee or hot beverage. The final verdict of K-Cup coffee capsules would be that it is one of the best ways to get your daily dose of hot beverage without the work you would have to put in making traditional coffee or hot beverage. However, you would be stuck with a particular flavor or mixture which can’t be customized based on your needs.