Aluminum Smelted in Vietnam

Expert aluminum smelting in Vietnam with the following product offering:

  • Primary Aluminum Billet, Coil and Sheets
  • Secondary Aluminum Ingot (Currently 96%/UBC@ $1480/MT - July 20 2020)
  • And MORE….

Partner with us to work with an American owned production company with people on the ground to handle getting you the highest quality aluminum. Avoid Chinese tariffs, quality issues, shutdowns and get started this week.

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What You Will Get Working With Us

1. Reliable Manufacturing Partners

We understand the difficulties of sourcing aluminum in a new country. Our specialization in Vietnam and a mix of Western and Vietnamese staff provides the right mix to get you quality aluminum products at a great price whether you want UBC/96%, 3000 series or another secondary type.

2. Competitive Pricing

We understand that pricing and quality are often the two biggest concerns. Our local Vietnamese team has experience with these factories to get you the best pricing possible.

3. Ensuring Quality

Our team is experienced in getting aluminum smelted to match your required specifications.

4. Detailed Inspection and QC Reporting

Know that what you paid for is what will be delivered with detailed QC reporting.

What Others Are Saying

Satisfied Customers

TFG helped us to find a large aluminum smelter that we hadn't found in our search. They were able to quickly quote us a competitive price with a fast turn around on delivery.

C. Dunn, US Aluminum Buyer

China tariffs were causing huge issues. TFG found us pricing to make us competitive again.

T. Johnson, US Manufacturer



Find the Best Aluminum Smetler In Vietnam

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Find the Best Aluminum Smelter In Vietnam

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